To Love Someone Unconditionally


To love someone unconditionally is to be able to identify the temporary cloak of fear, anxiety, anger, depression that you may find your person wearing from time to time, it is the ability to look beyond it to the heart of them. To their soul. To their truth.

It is not to be seen as an opportunity to rival them in their discontent, but an opportunity to hold their hand and walk them gently through it.

Unconditional love is an ocean of forgiveness; plentiful and endless- clean of resentment.

It is tireless acceptance, over and over and over again of their imperfections that make them your unique love, and the differences that make you unique from your love.

It is an understanding, that we are all human, and we often fall, fail, and say the wrong thing at the worst possible time.

It is letting go of these uncomfortable moments, and the disservice of the past to exist in the present.

It is letting go of expectations.

It is holding onto only what feels good and true.

It is empathy, and quiet listening, and presence.

It is knowing that not only does your person deserve this kind of genuine love, you do as well.

Unconditional love is a choice we must make in the face of adversity, and our own ego. However, it is always, without fail, the most beautifully rewarding and fulfilling choice one can choose.  ~ Chrisandra Allen 


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